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General of the Pakistan Army one of three people fired for security lapses during Imran Khan demonstration

<p>Three senior officers, including a lieutenant general, were fired from the Pakistani army on Monday for failing to stop violent protests against the arrest of the former prime leader Imran Khan by his followers from targeting military facilities.</p>
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It was an unusual instance of the army making an internal investigation’s findings public.</p>
<p>Major General Ahmad Sharif Chaudhry said at a news briefing in the garrison city of Rawalpindi that at least 102 individuals are now being tried in military tribunals for the violence that occurred last month.</p>
<p>How many of them were citizens or military officers was not specified by Chaudhry. Additionally, he neglected to identify the senior officials who had been let go.</p>
<p>Concerns have been expressed by human rights organisations concerning military trials of civilians in Pakistan, which they claim cannot provide a fair defence. Three petitions, including one from Khan’s party, have contested the trials in Pakistan’s Supreme Court.</p>
<p>In May, tens of thousands of Khan’s followers ransacked and vandalised military facilities all around the nation, including an air base, multiple garrisons, a general’s home, and the army’s command centre. Although more than 5,000 of them were detained, the majority were ultimately freed.</p>
<p>“We needed to figure out how army stations’ security was compromised. We needed to determine what went wrong, Chaudhry added.</p>
<p>He said that under the direction of two senior generals, departmental probes, penalties were meted out in accordance with their recommendations.</p>
<p>According to Chaudhry, as part of the military’s internal accountability process, strict departmental action had also been taken against another 15 army commanders, including three major generals and seven brigadiers. He made no mention of the action that had been done.</p>
<p>The family of other top army commanders, including women, are also being tried for allegedly facilitating the violence, Chaudhry said.</p>
<p>Khan has been accused of aiding the violence in at least two criminal cases, according to the army, which claims that Khan’s party officials plotted the arson beforehand.</p>
<p>Since he was removed from office by a vote of no confidence last year, Khan, a 70-year-old former international cricket star who is now a politician, has been involved in a number of legal battles, which he blames on the military generals; the army disputes this claim.</p>
<p>Since the riots on May 9, Khan’s party has been the target of an extensive security crackdown.</p>

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