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Know Everything About the Tomato Grand Challenge Hackathon Announced by the Centre Amid Price Increase

<p>On Friday, the Centre launched a “Tomato Grand Challenge” hackathon amid the uproar over the nation’s exorbitant tomato pricing.</p>
<p>In a news release, the government said that the goal of this challenge is to urge people to contribute ideas on how to guarantee that tomatoes are available in the cities where prices have skyrocketed and to assist farmers in getting fair pricing for their goods.</p>
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The ‘Tomato Grand Challenge’ hackathon was organised by who?<br />
The ‘Tomato Grand Challenge’ hackathon was announced today by Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs. It is said to be the outcome of a partnership between the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Ministry of Education’s innovation unit.</p>
<p>What is the purpose of the TGC hackathon?<br />
The challenge “invites ideas on comprehensive and focused area interventions in tomato value chain – from cropping and market insights for the farmers, suitable cultivars (OP varieties or hybrids) with higher shelf-life of the fruits for fresh marker, cultivars specifically suitable for processing, value-addition through interventions that can increase shelf-life, improve transportation of fresh and processing, and more,” according to the government’s press release.</p>
<p>The Centre encouraged professionals, academics, businesspeople, limited liability partnerships (LLPs), start-ups, micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), and students to participate in the hackathon and offer their creative ideas.</p>
<p>Furthermore, it is said that specialists would evaluate the best ideas before “prototype development and field implementation for ensuring its usability and scalability on a large scale and price of the product.”</p>
<p>Where can I register for the TGC hackathon?<br />
The government has advised anyone who are interested in participating to submit an application at https://doca.gov.in/gtc/index.php in order to express their views.</p>
<p>Why is the cost of tomatoes rising?<br />
The harvesting of tomatoes has been hampered in numerous regions of the nation by the monsoon’s tardy arrival and the advent of cyclones like Biparjoy. However, both government representatives and merchants have claimed that this would only be a temporary problem, and that once harvesting began in other places, the prices will quickly decline. Tomato prices increased to Rs 120 per kg in Bengaluru and to close to Rs 100 in Delhi and other significant cities. Tomato prices in retail marketplaces have allegedly risen from Rs 25 to Rs 41, according to the Price Monitoring Division database under the Department of Consumer Affairs.</p>

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