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Elections won’t be postponed because of the situation at the border: Interim Pakistani PM

<p>Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, the caretaker prime minister of Pakistan, promised on Saturday that the country’s general elections would not be postponed as a result of the crisis on its western and eastern borders.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-188600″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/theindiaprint.com-elections-wont-be-postponed-because-of-the-situation-at-the-border-interim-pakista.jpg” alt=”theindiaprint.com elections wont be postponed because of the situation at the border interim pakista” width=”1243″ height=”746″ srcset=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/theindiaprint.com-elections-wont-be-postponed-because-of-the-situation-at-the-border-interim-pakista.jpg 290w, https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/theindiaprint.com-elections-wont-be-postponed-because-of-the-situation-at-the-border-interim-pakista-150×90.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1243px) 100vw, 1243px” title=”Elections won't be postponed because of the situation at the border: Interim Pakistani PM 12″></p>
<p>The interim premier said that the government would not provide any justification for a vote postponement in an effort to put an end to the uncertainty surrounding the general elections, according to The News.<br />
The caretaker prime minister stated in an interview with Voice of America conducted before he left for the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York that steps would be taken to ensure that the election process goes off without a hitch and emphasized his commitment to upholding the democratic process in the nation.</p>
<p>Elections won’t be postponed because of the border situation or a problem with law and order, according to Kakar.</p>
<p>According to The News, he also voiced confidence in his ability to overcome security risks at the nation’s borders and conduct the election.</p>
<p>The country’s prime minister reaffirmed that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had the right to choose a date for the general elections, and he expressed his trust that the electoral watchdog would carry out the process honestly given that it had already taken some first measures.</p>
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