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Inaugural Session of 3rd All India Hindi Sammelan Marks Release of Scholarly Book on Official Language written by Ex Mp Prof Dr Sunil Baliram Gaikwad

In a momentous event at the 3rd All India Hindi Sammelan, organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, former Lok Sabha Popular Karyaksamrat Sansad Ratna, Dr. Sunil Baliram Gaikwad, unveiled his latest scholarly masterpiece titled “Rajbhasha Kise Kehte Hai.” This insightful guidebook promises to be a game-changer for Central Government offices seeking clarity on official language protocols.

Dr. Gaikwad’s book is a product of his extensive experience serving on the Official Language Committee of the Government of India from 2014 to 2019. With meticulous attention to detail, the book deciphers the intricacies of “Rajbhasha” and provides a comprehensive overview of relevant laws and regulations embedded within the Indian Constitution.

The publication launch, graced by esteemed dignitaries including Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Mishra, Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Shri Harivansh Ji, Union Minister of State for Health Bharti Pawar, and Rajbhasha Committee Vice Chairman Bharathari Mahantab, garnered widespread acclaim.

The book, now available as an ebook on Google Play Books, serves as a vital resource for understanding the essence of “Rajbhasha” and delves into the constitutional aspects that govern its usage in government offices. Minister Ajay Mishra congratulated Dr. Gaikwad on his remarkable contribution to promoting Hindi as an official language and extended his best wishes.

Thousands of attendees, including government officials from various states across India, participated in this momentous event, emphasizing the significance of the Hindi language in the country’s administrative landscape.

This launch also witnessed the presence of Pune Maval MP Srirangappa Barne, Brijesh Kuntal from Sangh Parivar, Home Ministry Official Language Department Deputy Director Abhilasha Mishra, and Scientist Pandey, among other distinguished guests.

Dr. Sunil Baliram Gaikwad’s “Rajbhasha Kise Kehte Hai” is set to become an essential reference for anyone navigating the nuances of Rajbhasha within the Indian government. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this invaluable resource now available on Google Play Books.

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