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Thailand’s Potential Heir: The Prodigal Son’s Unexpected Return After 27 Years

<p>Vacharaesorn Vivacharawongse, a 42-year-old Thai lawyer, was thought to have lost his royal rank along with the other three until recently. When this story first surfaced, Thailand was about to elect a new government. It was believed that Vivacharawongse had no right to be in the line of succession.</p>
<p>The established line of succession was unstable when Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the king’s oldest daughter and the likely successor, died in December.</p>
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<p>Since years, there have been quiet discussions in Thailand about the idea of bringing back one of the exiled sons to participate in the royal roulette. Vacharaeson’s unexpected visit is thus being seen as the beginning of this alleged conspiracy; nevertheless, the palace has not yet released an official statement.</p>
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<p>One of the five children born to King Vajiralongkorn’s second wife Sujiranee, Vacharaeson was expelled from Thailand in 1996 together with his three siblings and their mother. After that, they became used to life in the US and stayed. However, Princess Sirivanavari was returned to Thailand so she could live with her father. The four boys did write to their father to ask for forgiveness and permission to go back to Thailand, but their attempts were in vain.</p>
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<p>The 42-year-old Dutch king spent his first three days in Bangkok as a tourist, exploring the city, traveling in tuk-tuks, seeing temples, and chowing down on Thai cuisine. As he described how it was like a dream come true for him to the media, he expressed his enthusiasm.</p>
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<p>Vacharaeson has also visited a childcare facility that is funded by the palace and met with Thailand’s highest ranking religious leader, the Supreme Patriarch of the Buddhist Sangha. The Thai people see the string of events surrounding his reappearance as a clue to his royal ability.</p>
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<p>He was the most well-known of the four sons in the US as well. He was engaged in the Thai community and outspoken in his support for the Thai monarchy. increasing his chances of being chosen for a higher-profile position in the royal family. The Princess, who is now in a coma, was seen to be the most accomplished of the king’s offspring in Thailand up until last year. In addition to practicing law, Princess Bajrakitiyabha served as Thailand’s ambassador to Austria and the UN.</p>
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<p>Prince Dipangkorn, the youngest child of the King, had intellectual disabilities, therefore it was expected that Princess would be able to serve as regent or possibly succeed her father as queen. However, according to Thai succession law, the King has the power to choose his successor, which he has not yet done.</p>
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<p>Vacharaeson is anticipated to make more trips in the future to see how he handles the pressure of the limelight and strict procedure.</p>

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