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Maharashtra: 6-month-old girl slips from mother’s hand, falls into drain

A painful incident has come to light amidst the torrential rains in Maharashtra. Here a six-month-old girl slipped from her mother’s lap and fell into the drain. The incident took place when the Ambernath local train service came to a standstill due to rain. All the passengers got down from the train and were crossing the track. It is being told that the mother was handing over the child to her father-in-law. During this the accident happened. Mumbai and its surrounding areas have been receiving torrential rains for the last two days. The rains affected road traffic and suburban train services.

Due to rain, Ambernath local was stopped between Thakurli and Kalyan station. After this, the passengers aboard the train got down and started walking. At the same time, a woman along with her father-in-law and with her 6-month-old baby girl got down from the train and started walking along the track.

It is being told that during this time, while handing over the girl to her father-in-law, she slipped from the hand and fell into the drain flowing below. As soon as the people present there came to know, the exercise to find the girl child was started. However, she has not been traced till now.

The railway police along with the municipality have also started a search operation. The video of the incident has also come to the fore, in which it is seen that the drain has swelled due to rain and the flow of water in it is also fast.

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