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Manipur's Chief Minister Biren Singh calls for the surrender of stolen weapons amid the state's violently unrest

N Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur, urged citizens to turn up weapons that had been stolen from security officers on Wednesday. Additionally, he threatened legal action against anybody discovered in possession of weapons or ammunition that is unlicensed or illegal.

The chief minister also pleaded with everyone in Manipur in a signed statement not to block roads and obstruct the free flow of security personnel and aid supplies. According to Singh, these obstacles make it very difficult for law enforcement and security officers to react to armed group assaults in a timely manner.

“I urge to all parties involved to immediately bring back and turn over the weapons and ammunition that have been taken from armed police battalions, police stations, etc. throughout the valley and hill areas to the closest police station/MR/IRB, etc.

“Legal action as per the Arms Act 1959 and Rules will be taken in case any person is found to be in unauthorised and illegal possession of arms and ammunition during combing operations by security personnel or otherwise,” stated the chief minister.

recent violence
A day before Union Home Minister Amit Shah was supposed to visit the violent Manipur, new confrontations broke out, with occasional gunshot and burning attacks.

N Biren Singh, the chief minister of Manipur, referred to the Kuki militants as terrorists and asserted that security forces have killed close to “40 armed militants” who had been torching homes and shooting at civilians since they started an operation to restore calm to the region's beset by ethnic unrest.

The chief minister emphasised that the most recent confrontation was between terrorists and security personnel rather than between communities. Separately, police authorities said on Sunday that battles between terrorists and security personnel since the morning hours resulted in at least two fatal shootings of civilians and 12 injuries.

One person was killed and another was injured by bullets after being shot at by alleged Kuki militants at Phayeng in Imphal West district, according to police authorities.

According to authorities, the most recent conflicts started when the army and paramilitary groups started conducting operations to disarm communities in an effort to restore calm. Singh said that there have been instances of armed terrorists using sniper, M-16, and AK-47 rifles to fire at people. In counterattacks, security forces specifically targeted these insurgents.

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