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20-Year-Old Girl Stashed Twelve Times By Stalker in Sitamarhi, Investigation Underway

In a horrifying incident, a stalker stabbed a 20-year-old lady 12 times late on Monday in Sitamarhi, Bihar, according to police sources. The victim battled for her life.

Officials said that the lady who was slain was returning from a market when Chandan Kumar, 22, the suspect, initially confronted her for avoiding him before stabbing her. The murderer Kumar was able to flee while she was taken immediately to a hospital.

The victim, according to the authorities, suffered several wounds. Ashok Kumar Singh, a police officer in the area, said that the lady had injuries to her stomach, chest, thigh, and neck.

Officials said that Kumar allegedly knifed the victim in an effort to murder her. He highlighted the preliminary investigation and stated that the two had been friends for four years and that the lady had ceased communicating with Kumar because of pressure from her family.

The girl's stalker began pestering her on social media after she ignored him, according to officials.

The guy released her images on social media six months ago out of hatred about this. She claimed in a panchayat that she had ended their relationship and refused to be married to him, and that her family had reported her to the police.

This instance, however, is the third of its like to surface in the last two days. A 16-year-old girl was fatally stabbed by her boyfriend on Monday in Delhi, while the same day, a lady in Pune fatally stabbed her boyfriend after an altercation.

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