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An exceptional Indian-Swedish pair gave a touching testimony to the love's unfathomable power by demonstrating its unwavering strength. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia, an Indian artist, fell in love with Charlotte, a Swedish lady. Later, in order to see her again, he flew all the way from India to Sweden. Now, his tale is trending once again.
The love tale of Instagram user @mignonettetakespictures was posted on the platform. “Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia was a small yet brilliant artist in India,” she said in the post. His art even made it to Sweden, where a student called Charlotte, then 19, resided. She travelled 22 days in a van in 1975 to view his artwork and request that he paint a picture of her. He was drawn to her beauty while he was sketching, and the two fell in love. They quickly got married, but Pradyumna was unable to accompany Charlotte when she had to go all the way back to Sweden.
They said, “In January 1977, he made the decision to sell all he had, purchase a bicycle, and ride from India to Sweden. He rode his bike for four months and three weeks. Every day, he rode his bicycle for around 70 kilometres (44 miles). In Sweden, where they ultimately met again, they had children and spent the remainder of their lives together.
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On May 5, people shared this article. It has received over two lakh likes since it was shared. Additionally, the sharing has drawn a number of comments.
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Wonderful commitment from Mahanandia, someone wrote. Great spirit.” Another person chimed in, “You know that's pure love.” Another said, “God bless both of you.” “That, that is what love can do to someone,” a fourth person said.

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