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Sandip Ray: All Satyajit Ray's B&W movie prints have been restored and will soon be shown to audiences

The son of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, Sandip Ray, said on Tuesday that all of his father's early black and white films had been restored and would soon be shown for audiences throughout the world.

He said that the “timelessness” of his father's films, beginning with “Pather Panchali” (Song of the Road), which was premiered in 1955 and received accolades at the Cannes Film Festival, was the reason why his father's works continued to be well-liked.

“Due to the epidemic, we were unable to do anything to commemorate Satyajit Ray's 100th birthday (in 2021). We will plan a comprehensive celebration of it, which will include a film retrospective of his work.

“The majority of his films, including all of the black and white ones, have been restored. Sandip Ray, a well-known film director in his own right, stated in an interview with PTI Video, “We are now working on repairing 'Kanchenjunga' (a family drama based on an original Ray script).

The younger Ray, a prolific writer, illustrator, and graphic designer in addition to being a director, had a little celebration of his father's 102nd birthday at his Bishop Lefroy Road apartment in Kolkata. The younger Ray has produced a number of detective films based on tales written by his father.

Sandip Ray remarked, with reference to the condition of his father's film prints, screenplays, and other papers, “We are alert and will see to it that his films do not suffer any further damage.”

Many of Ray's early works had been harmed by the passage of time and exposure to the elements, but a foundation's painstaking work allowed for the restoration and digitization of the prints.

The younger Ray said that he did not want to take on the ideas that his father had hoped to turn into films but was unable to, such as the story of the character “Karna” from the Mahabharata.

“We do not wish to work on them (the shelved project), as only Satyajit Ray could have done justice to them,” he remarked.

Speaking of his own plans, he revealed that a new 'Feluda' (a detective created by his father) novel will soon be adapted for the big screen, with actor Indraneil Sengupta playing the lead role of the fictional super-sleuth. Sengupta was praised for his performance in the last Feluda movie, 'Hatyapuri' (Murder in Puri).

Sandip Ray explained that he plans to produce additional films about Feluda's adventures in the future and said, “We have no objections if Feluda tales are adapted for internet-based platforms. Creative freedom is a possibility. However, we hope that the adaptations maintain the essence of the original story.

Sandip said he had “full faith” in directors like Srijit Mukherjee and Arindam Sil, who are adapting Feluda on OTT. He called them both outstanding filmmakers.

A second film centred on Prof. Shonku, a bright but somewhat quirky scientist and inventor who lives with his cat named after Sir Isaac Newton, was also mentioned by the younger Ray. Prof. Shonku is one of his father's imaginary characters.

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