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According to a survey, the main issue in the Karnataka election is unemployment; corruption is not a problem

According to a poll conducted by NDTV and Lokniti-CSDS, voters' top concern surrounding the Karnataka assembly elections is unemployment.

According to the study, allegations of corruption during the five years that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruled Karnataka are not a political problem.

The study also reveals that the main election concerns in Karnataka are those pertaining to jobs and the economy.

According to NDTV, the study was carried out between April 20 and 28 among 2,143 registered voters who were spread over 82 voting places in 21 assembly seats that were chosen at random.

Elections in Karnataka will place on May 10. On May 13, the votes will be tallied. The Congress wants to remove the BJP from power in Karnataka.

What are the results of the survey?
According to a study by NDTV-Lokniti/CSDS, unemployment is generally the top problem in the Karnataka elections, especially among the state's young.

But according to the survey's findings, poverty is the main problem in rural areas.

According to the study, 28% of respondents ranked unemployment as the most critical problem before the Karnataka elections, followed by poverty (25%), lack of development (7%), price increases (7%), and education (7%), and corruption (6%).

This is noteworthy since the BJP ruled Karnataka for the previous five years, and the Congress party has focused on the alleged corruption during that time. In response to claims that the BJP demands a 40% commission on contracts and other deals, the Congress has brought up charges of commissions and bribery and insulted the BJP state administration by using the term “40%.”

Even while it doesn't seem to be a problem during elections, the study reveals that there is general agreement that corruption has become worse over the previous five years.

According to NDTV, “More than half of the respondents said that corruption has increased in the last five years (since the BJP has been in power).” 51 percent of respondents said corruption has grown, 35 percent said it has stayed the same, and 11 percent said it has decreased.

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