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Kangana Ranaut responds, "Lagna Hi Chahiye," when her father says, "Darr Lagta Hai"

On Sunday, the actress Kangana Ranaut was seen leaving for Haridwar at the Mumbai International Airport. She was going to the Ganga Aarti. The actress completed her ensemble by tying her wavey traces loosely in a bow and donning an ivory-colored saree. She also accessorised with a bold jewellery.

If you're wondering where I'm going after getting dressed up, I'm heading to Haridwar, Kangana told the photographers positioned at the airport. I thought I'd let you know that I'll be attending the Ganga Aarti and that I'll be travelling to Kedarnatha the following day. Waise aapne pooccha toh nahi par maine socha main hi apko bata dun.

“Lagna chaahiye, agar aap samajhdaar hain toh lagna chaahiye (That's how it should be if you're wise enough)” Kangana joked in response to a paparazzi who stated he was terrified to speak to her: “Aapse baat karne mein darr lagta hai.”

Kangana has already voiced her anger over certain paparazzi allegedly spying on her at the direction of a well-known actor. She even wrote a lengthy letter criticising the aforementioned actor on her Instagram account.

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