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For the duration of the 48-hour election period, Nepal's border with Uttar Pradesh will be sealed

In order to prevent anti-social forces from crossing the border and destabilising the voting environment, India's border with Nepal would be locked on Tuesday for 48 hours before to urban local body elections here, authorities said on Monday.

They said that the transit points' operations will cease on Tuesday evening and would be closed until Thursday evening.

On May 4 and May 11, Uttar Pradesh will hold two rounds of local government elections. On May 13, the votes will be tallied. On Thursday, voters in Maharajganj will cast their ballots in the first round of voting.

“The sealing shall be upheld by the Sashastra Seema Bal. During this time, only emergency vehicles will be permitted to cross, District Electoral Officer Satendra Kumar told reporters.

He said that the decision to close the border was made recently during a meeting of officials from the two nations.

On the Indo-Nepal border, he claimed, traffic movement was prohibited and security personnel kept a constant watch.

According to the source, paramilitary, civil police, and intelligence officials are also closely monitoring activity along the border.

With Nepal, Uttar Pradesh has an open, 84-kilometer international border.

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