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After refusing to strip for an Oscar-winning director, Matthew Lawrence was fired from his agency

Actor Matthew Lawrence is sharing a terrible incident he had with an Oscar-winning filmmaker.

Lawrence remembered being given a part in a Marvel production but only if he undressed on the most recent episode of his Brotherly Love podcast, according to 'Deadline'.

“I've been approached for a big role numerous times in my life,” Lawrence said.

I lost my agency when I went to the hotel room of a well-known Oscar-winning filmmaker who ordered me to remove my clothing and claimed he wanted to take Polaroids of me. I can't believe they sent me there.

And if I accomplished X, Y, and Z, I would become the following Marvel character, Lawrence continued. Despite the fact that I didn't do anything, my agency let me go since I left the director's room.

The actor withheld any names or dates pertaining to the interaction. Lawrence also brought out the unfair comparison between the treatment of male actors who speak out against sexual harassment and that of female performers.

“When Terry Crews says it out loud, people start laughing at him. He remarked, “People don't support him.

“They expel him. Why? Because he represents masculinity, our society may be less receptive to hearing that this is happening to men than it is to women.

In the profession, I don't think many men have spoken openly about this, he said. This identical circumstance is also present. Now granted, it probably accounts for just about a third of what women experience. There are many males… Men experience this as well, whether it's a man or a woman in authority.

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