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Salman Khan wants to date Shahnaz, according to his own admission

Many fans were outraged by Salman Khan's advice to Shehnaaz Gill to move on in Bollywood. On social media, Shehnaaz Gill's supporters as well as numerous Salman Khan supporters were spotted questioning her why Salman, who is unmarried himself, is offering Shehnaaz Gill this advise. In a recent news segment, Salman Khan, a celebrity, responded to the topic of why he gave Shehnaaz Gill this advise and what the purpose of it was.
With the release of Salman Khan's movie “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” Shahnaz Gill made her Bollywood debut. Fans began guessing when the viral footage of Salman Khan kissing Shehnaaz's neck and cuddling her went viral. Salman Khan stated, “I advised her to go on. With Siddharth Shukla's death, I gave her counsel to move on. I may assert that Sid would prefer Shehnaaz to go on as he is no longer in this world.
Salman Khan said, “I'm not suggesting she should get married and have a family. There is still plenty of time, not right now. She should, however, surpass Sidnaaz. She was sobbing and was extremely dependent on him. So I advised moving on. However, that does not imply that I support the idea. When Salman Khan told this, everyone else in the room also laughed aloud. If we are talking about Salman Khan's career, he will soon be seen working on the movie “Tiger 3.” Salman Khan's appearance in the movie “Pathan” received positive reviews, and it is now thought that the two will appear together in “Tiger Vs. Pathan.”

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