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Erdogan, the Turkish president, ends a TV interview due to a stomach bug

Tuesday's live television interview with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was interrupted. He later apologized and said he had a stomach ailment.

In advance of the tight parliamentary and presidential elections on May 14, the 69-year-old Turkish president delivered three addresses throughout the campaign on Tuesday.

He was scheduled to appear live for a joint interview with Ulke TV and Kanal 7 to round off the evening. However, his television appearance started more than 90 minutes late and was interrupted 10 minutes into the broadcast while he was answering a question.

When the show ended, the camera shook, and the reporter who was asking the question got out of his chair.

Off camera, a voice exclaiming, “Oh wow,” could be heard.

About 15 minutes later, Erdogan came back and apologized for becoming ill.

“The task was difficult yesterday and today. I had a stomach sickness as a result,” Erdogan stated.

“At one point, I pondered if the cancellation of the program might be misinterpreted. But we made a vow. I beg your pardon, and that of our viewers.

As he talked, his eyes started to flood and his face seemed worn out.

The program was then concluded after the Turkish president had answered a few more queries.

Turkish politics have been controlled for the last 20 years by Erdogan and his party with Islamic roots.

One of Erdogan's strongest threats to his erratic reign, meanwhile, is the campaign.

According to polls, he is either losing to opposition leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu or is in a dead heat.

Immediately after the show aired, Kilicdaroglu tweeted, “I convey my best wishes to Mr. Erdogan.”

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